The Volkswagen Beetles is becoming a trend despite the fact that this model is old and has been discontinued. The German brand stopped producing these cars at the end of 2003, although it is a classic car that everyone wants to have, but spare parts are difficult to find.
Manufacture of this German tank began in the 1930s during World War II.

They were unexpectedly successful, so much so that by the 1960s more than 10 million units had been sold worldwide. This car was also known as the Love Bug because of the Disney movie and was intended to be a family car that the entire middle class wanted to own.

After 70 years of having appeared on the market, the Volkswagen finished production in 2003. However, this did not end the popularity of this car, since many people still want it and pay large amounts of money to buy it or recondition it. The car can also be seen on the streets of Azerbaijan, even some characters in the city offer a lot of money for this model.

teal Volkswagen Beetle parked near brown house

It is very nice to see this car, due to its design when you go through the streets of Azerbaijan, the problem, as we mentioned, is to find the spare parts in the country, which can turn into a nightmare. Since 2003 not a single car has been produced, this had repercussions when buying Volkswagen Beetles spare parts. If you find them, some commercial houses offer them at super high prices. Not all people can pay huge amounts of money to repair an old car.

Generally, if a Volkswagen Beetles is in poor condition that the repair is difficult and expensive, some mechanics or their owners end up selling them for parts or for spare parts which will be used to repair the other models.

Those who have had a Volkswagen Beetles say that they have never regretted having bought this preciousness, they refer to the fact that the Volkswagen is a car that will never disappoint them, solid, powerful and will take you safely and fast wherever you go.

teal Volkswagen Beetle car parked beside sidewalk

One of the advantages of this car is that it is easy to paint, it does not require a lot of investment. Car repair is easy, even though parts are difficult to find as mentioned above. All of these things make Volkswagen a reliable car that is easy to drive and repair.

Lastly, this Volkswagen Beetles is an easy car to drive, we could say that for a beginner. We can even see some models on the streets of Azerbaijan, although in deplorable states, some cars are owned by the poor people of Azerbaijan, because they repair them.

Today these cars require a lot of investment and overhaul. If a person is a fan of this model he will have to invest tens of thousands of dollars, which for many fans will not be an impediment to having them. The nostalgia, technology, and size of the Volkswagen still linger on the streets and is always a choice for people who are contemporaries of cars or collectors.